Saturday, January 23, 2010

Purposes and Goals for Memphis Spork

When you start anything new --- a project, job, even a relationship --- it's probably a good idea to know its purpose and your goal for the project. If you try to do too much, then usually you don't do anything at all. Or if you wander aimlessly, you won't get anything done. Or you might end up accomplishing something bad, you didn't intend!

Therefore, it would be most appropriate to publicly announce the purpose of this blog. And this purpose is quite narrow. It is to describe/provide information about restaurants in Memphis. Which are good and which are bad. Where are good places to eat and where are places to avoid. My wife and I started this blog because we love food and dining at new places. Studies have shown that one key to a lasting marriage (or any relationship) is to try to do new things and new experiences together. So one thing we try to do is eat at different places together (and now to start a blog together).

Because we like to try new places, our friends would often ask us where is a good place to go. Like almost everyone we know, we have compiled that internal list of places we like and don't like. So we love to draw from our internal list and direct our friends to a place that they would enjoy, whether on a date, with a large group, or with a legal guardian who can handle the tab (thank your parents!).

So this blog, in a sense, has merely expanded our friend network to include you, the readers of this blog. We hope that you find the information on this blog helpful as we attempt to point you to some great places to have a laugh over some dessert, strike up a deep conversation over a salad, de-stress over an entree, work some game over a cocktail, or simply eat a large piece of meat. Either way, good food and good times seem to go hand in hand. So here's to good eating.

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