Saturday, January 23, 2010

Neel's Food Biography

In case you haven't already noticed, my husband is the verbose one. So endearing. He has already completed four blog posts and yes, I am just now beginning my very first post. My husband said it is required that we both journal about our food preferences in order to give our readers an accurate bias we may have in our reviews. So, here it goes...

I, too, am born and raised in Memphis. I have spent most of my time in Memphis besides a four year college experience in Auburn, AL. I must say Auburn does play a huge role in my love for trying new restaurants. It is there that I began my interest and curiosity in local dining. I was pleasantly surprised to find many locally-owned quaint bistros, cafes, fine dining restaurants, and fabulous ice cream and burger shacks. Trying these new places (fortunately, while on my parents' budget - thanks mom and dad!) was a great way to learn about the culture and cuisine of small town Alabama, but also to spend that time hanging with close friends and enjoying new ones. I lived in Italy for three months while in college and naturally my love and curiosity for food and dining grew enormously. How can it not when you are surrounded by the most delicate wines, creamiest gelato, freshest bread, richest home grown vegetables, homemade mozzarella, and handmade pizzas and pastas?! It was a summer of fine delicacies and of course hard studying while abroad :)

With all of that said, like my husband I am not a food snob. Unfortunately, I will eat most anything. I used to be a picky eater as a child - remembering sitting at the dinner table refusing to eat if it did not look just right or smell just right. Sorry for those days, Mom. I love trying all types of cuisines - American, Italian, French, Spanish, Thai, Indian, German, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, etc. However, I will note that Mexican is probably my least favorite cuisine. I know I stand alone many times by claiming this; however, I've had too many experiences with it where I can still taste it in my mouth 24 hours after I've eaten it - not appealing. Except for one of my favorites in Memphis - Deli Mexicana. They prove me wrong. This leads to what I like in food. I like fresh food - some healthy, some artery-clogging. I do not like food that sticks with you for too long. I prefer fish over steak (though I love a good filet mignon every now and then when the budget is willing), veggies over fruit, chocolate over creme brulee, risotto over mashed potatoes, wine over beer, lemon drop martinis over jager bombs, onion rings over french fries, cheeseburger over hotdog, pizza over pasta, sushi over mexican. Some of the foods I despise include beets, creme brulee, whip cream, carrots, and tiramisu. I may come across more in this adventure of trying new restaurants. Though good food is a delight, good atmosphere also plays an important part in my dining experience. The atmosphere may include, but not limited to, the restaurant's decor, wall colors, lighting, music, waters/waitresses service and hospitality, room temperature, and cleanliness. Naturally, I pay more attention to a restaurant's atmosphere and food than I do the price :) With that being said, don't get me wrong. I love the good ole rustic burger joints. I love originality.


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  2. Neeley, your food profile is an A+!!!! I'm so glad that you clarified that you prefer Lemon Drop Martinis over Jager Bombs...I didn't see that one coming.