Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jon's Top 5 Dessert Places

In honor of our recent visit to Gigi's (which left much to be desired), I've decided to provide a list of my top 5 dessert places in Memphis. We will try to regularly post with "top 5 lists", whether it be best overall restaurants or best Mexican places, etc, etc. Enough said, here we go.

1. Cafe Eclectic: Ok here my propensity for ice cream gets me. Cafe Eclectic has a wide variety of desserts but their ice cream desserts are great. I usually get the "Malted Cow Milkshake." I love milkshakes and malts; so this fills the bill. Real ice cream and you can definitely taste the malt. One of the best shakes I've had, anywhere.

2. Muddy's Bake Shop: Neel did a great job reviewing Gigi's and I totally agree with her analysis. Gigi's Review. Muddy's does everything right that Gigi's does wrong. Muddy's specializes in cupcakes but does other things as well (cakes, etc). Their cupcakes are all moist and there is a perfect ratio between cake and icing. I've been there countless times and it's great each time. I highly recommend the grasshopper or the frankly scarlet cupcakes.

3. Cheesecake Corner: This delightful place is located downtown in the south main area. They serve a variety of funky cheesecakes, like chocolate chip, chocolate mint, sweet potato, lime, etc, etc. If you can imagine it, they have it. The pieces are large and truly melt in your mouth. As a bonus, they are open pretty late and serve wine. It's a great place to take a date or go with a large group. I also recommend going on the balcony/second level. It's quite posh and feels like you are in an episode of the Hills.

4. Jerry's Sno Cone: located on Waring, Jerry's of course specializes in sno cones but offers a variety of other frozen treats too. There is no better sno cone in Memphis. I highly recommend a sno cone supreme. It's basically a sno cone (pick your flavor) that also has layers of frozen yogurt/ice cream. It might not sound great, but trust me, it's amazing. I usually get a sno cone supreme with the blackberry & raspberry flavors. There is no better way to cool off when it's 90 degrees on a hot Memphis day.

5. Gibson's Donuts: I'm not sure if donuts technically qualify as a dessert, but I consider it so. And Gibson's is the place to get donuts in Memphis. Everyone knows this. Who can forget the Calipari debacle when we were getting live updates that Calipari had visited Gibson's and announced to his breakfast group that he was leaving. Well, if Calipari couldn't recognize the greatness of Gibson's, then it is his loss and our gain (Go Josh Pastner!). Anyways, Gibson's is great because they have great donuts and it is open late night. My fav is definitely the blueberry cake. It's quite amazing. Or go late night and get those warm glazed donuts. Yess!


  1. What about Dixie Queen on Quince? Winters can review that...

  2. What would you say is a Memphis dessert? Something that originated there?

  3. There is an old fashioned Soda Fountain on Beale now. Its in A.Schwabs. I definitely recommend their Gelato!. My husband had a handmade cherry phosphate soda and my daughter had a malt. We will go back every time we come to town!