Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buckley's Lunchbox

Buckley's on poplar ave. has been around for as long as I can remember. I've actually never been there, but I have been to Buckley's Lunchbox. Though they are in two different locations (quite close to each other though), they are the basically same restaurant: Buckley's Lunchbox is only open for lunch and regular Buckley's is only open for dinner.

Buckley's Lunchbox is quite the popular work lunch spot, probably because of its location, right off of Poplar. It's usually a good idea to get there a little before or after the noon lunch craze since it always crowded. Along those lines, I went there on a work lunch recently. I've been numerous times, and it's always good, and I always look forward to going. Buckley's is known for good but relatively inexpensive steaks and burgers, and they really don't disappoint. The Lunchbox's menu has a selection of sandwiches and salads, along with steak, chicken, fish entrees. It's not the lightest of fare, but everything is very tasty. But hey, ever once in a while you must give in to that burger attack.

I usually get the black & bleu burger salad. Basically, it's a salad with a burger on top. It sounds somewhat strange, but I really enjoy it. I usually don't like to get salads at restaurants. You think you are getting something healthy but in reality not because the salads are usually drenched in dressing and other crappy cheeses, etc, etc. I appreciate the burger salad though, because it's basically a way to eat a burger without the bun . They also do a good job of not drowning your salad in cheese. But the key is the burger. It really is seasoned very well and it's very, very tasty. Combined with the blue cheese and balanced by the lettuce and tomatoes, and you've got a winner. Though I've never gotten it, I bet the regular burger is very good as well as the steak.

Everything at the Lunchbox is between $9 and $11. So, it's not dirt cheap, but it's very reasonable and well worth it considering the taste. It is also a great way to get your Buckley fix at a cheaper price than the dinner only Buckley's. With respect to other factors, I don't really pay attention to the atmosphere that much at lunch places. Given the businessy clientele, the Lunchbox definitely has a business, efficient feel. The service is good, and they are always pretty fast, so you can get in and out and back to work pretty fast. Overall, it's a pretty good experience: very good food at a very reasonable price. For that reason, we give Buckley's Lunchbox 3.5 stars.

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