Sunday, June 6, 2010

Owen Brennan's

To celebrate three birthdays and an early Father's day, Jon and I indulged ourselves at the famous Owen Brennan's Sunday Brunch with his parents today. While waiting for his parents to arrive, Jon and I were discussing how long Owen Brennan's has been around. I grew up right around the corner from this New Orleans restaurant and it's been open ever since I can remember. When we got home, I researched when Owen Brennan's first opened its doors - 1990. This restaurant has been in business for 20 years - that's pretty good in the restaurant business, much less in the Memphis restaurant business! They must be doing something right.

Owen Brennan's is well known for its Sunday Brunch and claims to be one of the best in Memphis. But, then again, I guess it doesn't have much competition. I've always felt like Memphis has a very slim selection when it comes to brunch food. I've been to Owen Brennan's a few times in my life, but before today it had been a while since I set foot in this Cajun cuisine establishment. This is just my opinion, but every time I have a dining experience at Owen Brennan's I walk in with high hopes. The decor does a great job of putting you in that jazzy New Orleans mood. It has an energetic, yet relaxed and sophisticated ole south feel to it. I like that. However, whenever I finish a meal there I leave thinking...."that was tasty, but definitely not worth the price." After today's brunch, I still feel the same way.

Owen Brennan's Sunday Brunch is always accompanied by a live jazz band. This is a very nice touch and really adds to the New Orleans atmosphere, which Owen Brennan's does a great job of creating. The brunch is a buffet that includes an omelet station, Belgian waffle station, prime rib station, entree station, seafood station, cook-to-order station, salad bar, dessert bar, breakfast bar, etc. Lots of choices! The food was tasty - especially the crawfish etouffee - but, it still left much to be desired. Jon and I both agree that the food is tasty, but just not worth the price you pay. It's about $32 per person for the Jazz Sunday Brunch. We give Owen Brennan's 2 stars.

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