Saturday, January 23, 2010

About the Title

So, we should probably explain the name of this blog --- Memphis Spork. Every good blog has a cool name, right? Well, part of the name (Memphis) is somewhat obvious. This is a blog about restaurants mostly in the Memphis area. That is not to say we won't branch out to the surrounding environs, such as Nashville or Atlanta. But we were born and raised in Memphis, and we live in Memphis. Thus, not only are we most familiar with Memphis restaurants, but when we eat at restaurants, we mostly do so in Memphis.

The second part of the name --- Spork --- is a bit more random. We chose spork as an ode to one of our favorite eating utensils. The Spork! Think about it. How great is the spork. It has all the benefits of a fork (can stab things) and a spoon (can easily scoop). There's really nothing a spork can't handle. I'm really not sure how the Spork hasn't caught on more. Anyway, we hope that this blog is the equivalent to a spork. Somewhat unique, perhaps the forgotten member of the utensil family, but most useful. And, because this blog is about eating, the title should obviously reflect food or eating in some way. So, all in all, Memphis Spork seems to be an appropriate name. As an aside, some close runners-up for names were "Breaking Bread" (love the food/rap cross-over); Memphis Relish (Memphis is all about flavor); and Memphis Munch'n. I think we picked the best, but let us know your thoughts on our name or any other name you might suggest. We are a blog for the people.

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  1. Yall went w/ the best one, but "Breaking Bread" is a close 2nd