Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Boscos Squared

Beer + pizza + patio = Boscos Squared. A few weeks ago , I gathered a group of our closest friends and we all surprised Jon on his 30th birthday at Boscos. Why Boscos? Sentimentally, because it is one of the first places Jon and I hung out. Practically, because it can accommodate large groups and takes reservations. Aesthetically, it has a fabulous patio - if not, the best in Memphis. And, of course the food is good and has enough variety for everyone's tastes. First, let's talk about the patio. I think Boscos has one of the best patios in Memphis. To be honest, their patio is what draws me most to the restaurant. (Unfortunately, we didn't get to sit out on the patio for Jon's birthday due to previous thunderstorms, but it was still a great time.) Memphis does not have many patios :( It's something I've always been disappointed about and has lead me to desire an explanation behind our patio-less city. When the weather is right, this is one of my favorite places to come get a few drinks, enjoy some pizza, and indulge in great conversations with friends. To me, the patio and atmosphere make up for what the food does not. Even if you aren't able to sit on the patio, the atmosphere inside is wonderful as well! It's got that rustic brewery feel. Now, I'm not hating on Boscos food - it's just not something I would rave about. However, after frequenting Boscos, aka "the" patio, I (this is just my opinion) think you're best off ordering the fried artichoke hearts for an app and then sharing one of their delicious pizzas - the California (Chevre cheese, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and pine nuts on an olive oil crust) is my favorite. I've heard many of my friends rave about the Gorgonzola Pear Salad. I'm not a fan of pears so I usually stay away from this, but if you're a pear lover I say "Go for it!" The fried artichoke hearts are scrumptious! They come with a buttermilk garlic dipping sauce - mmmmmm :) Also, Boscos also has a very delightful Sunday Jazz Brunch with all kinds of omelets, various egg benedicts and hash dishes, waffles, burgers, etc. It's a good hearty brunch, but once again the atmosphere may make the food taste just a little bit better. Another plus, the prices are pretty reasonable....$10-$15 range.
And, how can I blog about Boscos and not mention their BEER - what they boast about! I'm not an obsessive beer lover like some I know. Honestly, when I eat out rarely do I order beer over a glass of wine. However, I have tried Boscos beer sampler and it was a lot of fun and tasty! I recommend it for you beer connoisseurs. Oh and those aren't my blue plaid shorts....I took the pic off the world wibe web.

So, there you have it - Boscos Squared has some positives and some negatives. I'm happy to say that I think the positives outweigh the negatives and I'll keep going back for more. I give Boscos Squared 3 stars.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Local is a gastropub located on South Main Street - former "Sauces" residence. What the he** is a gastropub, you say?? Straight from Wiki - A gastropub concentrates on quality food. The name is a combination of pub and gastronomy and was coined in 1991 when David Eyre and Mike Belben took over The Eagle pub in Clerkenwell, London. The concept of a restaurant in a pub reinvigorated both pub culture and British dining, though has occasionally attracted criticism for potentially removing the character of traditional pubs. Personally, I'm not criticizing. I like the idea. I like the idea of going to a rustic, casual bar atmosphere with some friends and having a break from your typical bar double fried potato skins food. Instead, you get that chill atmosphere with good, quality food like grilled flatbreads, shrimp and grits, seared ahi tuna, seared sea scallops, chorizo bacon burger with sweet chipotle get the idea. Now, the food is a little more pricey than your average bar, but trust me, it's worth a couple of extra bucks. At Local, you have plenty of options in the $10 range, but you can also decide to splurge and order one of their $25 range steak, chops, or fish entrees. This past week, some friends and I attended a free kickoff event with Bravo Arts downtown. Afterwards, we left around 9ish with growling stomachs. So, we just strolled on down to Local, which was only four or five doors down on South Main. Now, I've been to the only other gastropub in Memphis - SOB (South of Beale) - and I really liked it! It's actually on South Main as well, but more toward the arts district. I went before the birth of our blog so that's why I have not reviewed it yet. Yet being the operative word here. Anyway, in comparison I liked Local almost just as much. The food was very tasty, reasonably priced, and creatively a little more upscale than your average bar food. However, I thought Local's atmosphere was a little more dull than SOB's. It seemed less friendly, colder, and not as fun, for lack of a better word. We did go to Local on a Thursday night and I believe I went to SOB on a Friday or Saturday night so that may have something to do with it. At local, I split the goat cheese, asparagus, and pancetta grilled flatbread with a friend (not just any friend, the ballllllin' Katie!) and it was delicious!! A must order if you go. Everyone else got a hodge podge of stuff - burger, fries, iceberg wedge salad, bbq chicken flatbread, etc. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food. I would recommend visiting both gastropubs because you get delicious food with a fun, chill, and stay-a-while atmosphere. Oh and girls, they also have fun and spunky cocktails - a nice choice if you're tired of your typical bar beer. Oh and boys, with the big flat screens, I can imagine both of these places being fun to watch some big football games this fall. If you want a more "hoppin" atmosphere, I would try SOB over Local. Regardless, I'm a big fan of the gastropub idea. And, whoever decided to bring them to Memphis...well, I want to be your friend=) I give Local 3 stars and will be back someday to review SOB. Here's a peek inside Local until you go....


For a long time, Neel and I would recurrently drive by Humdingers, and Neel would comment how she wanted to try it. But I was skeptical. First of all, the name didn't inspire confidence. Second, the idea of a fish place located in a strip mall also didn't get me too excited. I imagined some greasy, poorly cooked fish place that was shaded out. But I concede. I was completely wrapped up in my own box, unable to perceive the true reality that was out there. It was like I was trapped in Keanu Reeves body, unable to stop my bad acting and unable to "free my mind."

Thankfully, like Morpheus, Neel was able to convince me to jump, and we finally went to Humdingers. Ok, I admit, that complete analogy was pretty bad, but I was looking for a reason to embed a youtube clip. Sometimes, you got to appeal to the masses and the masses love movie clips! Anyways, Humdingers wasn't at all what I imagined. So here we go. In print. Neel was right, I was wrong. Since giving Humdingers that initial shot, we've gone back numerous times, and I've enjoyed eating crow every time.

Humdingers is a cross between a fast food and sit down restaurant. A bit along the lines of Swanky's and Pei Wei. You go up and order at the counter and they deliver your food to you. Thus, the food is usually pretty fast getting to you, and the atmosphere is nothing too special. Definitely a chill, causal environment. But everything is nice and clean, with some convenient flat screen TVs to watch. But this place is not so much about the ambiance but the food. Humdingers is devoted to healthy and fresh, yet tasty food. The menu mostly consists of grilled fish dishes, along with chicken and veggies. You can read about the story of the owner's and their restaurant philosophy here. I love not only the idea/concept, but I love the execution too. It is also much needed considering our obesity problem in the country and especially in the south. And though Humdingers looks like a chain, it's not. Memphis born and raised, which is always a plus.

My most recent visit to Humdingers was for a work lunch. Besides their standard menu, they also have specials to change it up. This most recent trip, their special was a seared Ahi tuna and avocado salad. I was very tempted to get it. But instead, I opted for the more tried and true grilled tilapia entree. For the fish entrees, you get a grilled or blackened fish along with your choice of sauce (such as pineapple salsa, cucumber lime and yogurt, etc), rice, and a choice of side. The grilled fish they do is always very light and tasty. My tilapia was no different.

I opted for the pineapple salsa as my sauce. All their sauces are also very light and don't drown out the taste of the fish. They simply do a good job of complimenting the fish and adding that little something extra. I needed a pretty light sauce to go with my tilapia, and the pineapple salsa fit the bill, though I think I prefer the cucumber lime and yogurt sauce in general. For my side, I chose the grilled zucchini strips. I think this is the best side if you looking to be extra healthy. They are good but a bit bland. They could use a bit more seasoning. A bit tastier side is their black bean and corn salsa. It's a bit more filling than the zucchini but makes up for it in taste. Of course, for sheer taste, the best call is their sweet potato fries. They are really good and, as fried go, not to greasy or heavy. In fact, I think they are some of the better sweet potato fries in Memphis. The entree also comes with rice. I'm really not a rice fan. I usually try to avoid it, but Humdingers' yellow rice is not too bad.

A special shout out needs to go to Humdingers' fish tacos. I usually get this and I think it's great. You can a 3 taco meal where you pick a combination of either fish, shrimp, or chicken taco that comes with Asian slaw and Humdinger's special sauce. You also get a side. I love their tacos because the slaw and sauce don't overwhelm the fish. Moreover, their tortilla's are also very good and taste homemade. In fact, it's hard for me to think of any fish taco's in Memphis (except for Deli Mexicana) that outdo Humdingers'. As for which taco option to choose, I say opt for the shrimp and/or fish. The chicken's good too but just doesn't compare to the seafood options. Humdingers also offers wine and beer if you so desire. So, they've got some good options on the menu.

But Humdingers doesn't just come through on taste. It's the price that really puts it over the top. The tilapia entree or the fish taco combo is just $8.99! Pretty much everything on the menu is in that price range. So basically, you are getting a pretty healthy and light fish dish for a pretty good price. You leave not only feeling good in your stomach (without that feeling of I just put something crappy in my stomach) but also in your wallet. Thus, in its niche of causal, quick, economical restaurant places, Humdingers comes out on the top of my list. For this reason, we give Humdingers 3.5 stars.

I also take solace in the fact that others seem to agree with me. When I went at lunch, it was absolutely slammed with people who work nearby. It's not as busy at dinner, but beware you don't arrive at 12:00 and expect a short line. Humdingers has also opened a newer location in Cordova. I haven't been to that location yet but I'm guessing it's very similar to their East Memphis location.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Interim: Restaurant & Bar

"Consistency is the foundation of virtue." --- Francis Bacon

"Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead." --- Aldous Huxley

So is consistency good or bad for a restaurant? It obviously depends. Like anything, a restaurant can be consistently good or consistently bad. Overall though, I think consistency is a high virtue for restaurants. At least if a restaurant is consistently bad, you can avoid it! But to find a consistently good restaurant, one that you can really bank on, one that is consistently good, that is a true virtue and a true find. Mayhaps even the foundation of all restaurant virtues? And consistency is probably the best adjective I can use to describe Interim --- consistently good. I've been to Interim at least 6 times, and I've never had a bad meal. In fact, I've never even been disappointed. It's always been good to great. When I went recently with Neel's extended family, it was no different.

Interim is located in East Memphis, on Sanderlin. A pretty good location, considering the wealth of restaurant goers in the area. Thus, Interim is easy access for numerous people willing and able to spend coin on a restaurant. And Interim is pricey. Not the priciest by any means, but with entrees in the $20 to $28 range, you're not going to go everyday. The first thing you notice about Interim is the decor. It is very modern with clean lines. You can see into the kitchen as the meal is prepared. Definitely a chic feel, which I enjoy. In fact, it might have the chicest decor of any restaurant in Memphis.

As you enter, you can tell everyone is enjoying themselves, since it is somewhat loud. But not too loud where you can't carry on a serious conversation at your table. The service has always been great, and my recent trip was no exception. In fact, the quality of the service was even better this most recent trip, considering we had a reservation for 20! They basically gave us the entire back room which is usually open to everyone.

Ahh, now on to the food. This past trip Neel and I started with the Mac and Cheese casserole, which was pretty awesome. You can definitely tell that it --- like everything on their menu --- is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients. In fact, the menu changes regularly to reflect the freshness of seasonal ingredients. (Note: sometimes the menu on the website is out of date, so don't rely on it religiously). I think a key to the Mac and Cheese was not only the freshness of the melted cheese but also that little bit of salty ham that balances the cheesiness quite well. Neel then got a Caesar salad which was also good. Unlike many restaurants, they did a good job of not dousing the salad in too much dressing. For entrees, Neel and I both got the pan seared salmon with a pesto orzo and finished with a tomato vinaigrette. It was accompanied by fried eggplant sticks. The salmon was cooked perfectly. I do wish that they put a bit more tomato vinaigrette on there though. My favorite part was probably the eggplant sticks. They were super crunchy and quite tasty, and I generally don't even like eggplant that much. But the crunchiness of the eggplant balanced out the tenderness of the salmon.

I got the salmon this time because I've tried so many other things on their menu. Their duck and beef tenderloin entrees are both home runs. And Neel usually gets their scallops. In fact, it might be her favorite scallops in Memphis. They do a great job of not overcooking them. But, a special shout out needs to go to their burger. I usually don't get a burger when going to a fine dining restaurant but WOW. I generally don't even like burgers that much. But this is the exception. It's the best burger in the city. In fact, I'm not sure if it's even close. They always cook it perfectly, and it melts in your mouth, literally. The size of the burger is quite generous and their fries are also great, not too greasy but still super tasty. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. In fact, at our table, most of the people had been to Interim before, and I think about 10 people got the burger. It's that good, and the restaurant is worth going to again just for the burger. It's also the cheapest entree on the menu, so another huge bonus. Basically, the Interim burger is one of my favorite entrees in the city. Strong words, but hey, the burger lives up to the hype.

Anyways, back to our most recent meal. For dessert, Neel got the warm chocolate cake and, unbeknowst to me at the time, ordered the vanilla bean creme brulee for me. She did that because she hates creme brulee, but knows I love it. The creme brulee was pretty good, but it didn't knock my socks off. Definitely worth ordering though. I thought the real standout was her chocolate cake. Served warm, with melted chocolate on the inside. The key was the vanilla gelato. The whole dessert was heavenly with that perfect blend of warm and cold, vanilla and chocolate. I left quite full because I couldn't stop eating all the great food. Overall, a great experience.

Now, I've had as good or even better meals at other Memphis restaurants. But often times, I go back to that restaurant and feel a bit disappointed. Not so with Interim. It seems that it is a restaurant that you can bank on for a high quality meal, every time you go. (or at least every time I've gone!). Therefore, in light of such consistent goodness at a time when that is so hard to find, we give Interim 4 stars.

Interim Restaurant

5040 Sanderlin #105

Memphis, TN 38117

(901) 818-0821

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lucchesi's Ravioli and Pasta Company

Doesn't this big guy make you want to walk right in and eat a big bowl of homemade ravioli?? :) Last week, I step foot in the famous Lucchesi's for the very first time. Pretty pathetic for someone who has lived in Memphis for 23 years. I've heard people talk about this place for years! I stopped by because I was picking up lunch for my grandmother so we could have lunch together at her home. She wanted the already made Caesar salad with croutons and dressing and I decided to order a chicken Caesar salad. While I was waiting for my order, I perused the Italian market and frozen ready-made entrees. As I looked at all the delicious homemade pastas, raviolis (including duck ravioli!), gelato, lasagnas, meat sauce, bread, and soups I was a little disappointed that I was in the mood for a salad. But, I just kept telling myself "I'm coming back here and when I do I'm going to make sure I'm REALLY hungry." Everything looked so delicious! They also have a little deli section where you can order all sorts of yummy Italian sandwiches, salads, and soups. Looks like a great place to go especially when it's really cold outside and your tummy is crying out for some steaming pasta or hearty warm soup. Additionally, I'm a big fan of the market and deli combo - always have been. I guess it makes the food and grocery shopping seem more authentic and personal. Anyways, I loved my chicken Caesar salad! Their Caesar dressing is homemade and it's delightful! Nice and light. Love that stuff! I cannot wait to go back to this place for some homemade pasta and gelato!! Since my visit was short and sweet, I feel like I can't give a completely accurate rating because I have a feeling when I have their pasta that my rating will increase. So, for now I give Lucchesi's 3 stars until I return :)

Jim's Place East

Jim's Place East has been serving Memphis fine Greek food for a long time. It recently made the news by announcing it is moving from its present location (off Summer) to a much more accessible location near Poplar and Perkins, next to Babcock. I'm actually excited about the move. The new location is much, much more accessible. I'm sure they will do much better business. They are also going to update their menu a bit and make it a bit more casual.

However, the old/present location does have a certain charm. It's at an old, very large house like structure. It makes for a very unique dining atmosphere. My parents really wanted to go before Jim's Place moved because they really liked the current location as well as the food. So, Neel and I went with them, in sort of a celebration of their upcoming 41st wedding anniversary.

We ate on a Wednesday night, and so we got there pretty early, around 6. Essentially, there was no one there. I'm betting that is because of the out of the way location. Who wants to drive to the middle of no where to eat on a weeknight? Weekend, maybe. But definitely not a place you just pick up and randomly go.

I've been to Jim's Place numerous times, and it has a been a bit up and down. At one point, it was one of my favorite restaurants since I love steaks and Greek food. But one time, a while back, Neel and I went, and it was horrible. Before that, it was great, but we hadn't been back since our bad experience. So, we were a bit hesitant and our expectations were low. Thankfully, it at least partially returned to its old form.

Though Jim's Place is Greek and has many Greek items, the menu is basically American with standard steak, fish, and chicken entrees. I kinda wish that they would have more Greek influence throughout their menu. I got the shrimp stuffed with crab and broiled in lemon-butter sauce. It was good and pretty tasty but not great. Neel got the scallops broiled in butter sauce. Again, good and tasty but not great. For both dishes, you got the feeling that the butter sauce was over-compensating for slightly lower quality fish and/or sloppy cooking technique. Rather than broil, most restaurants seem to pan sear their scallops and shrimp. I think that is the way to go. Both dishes at Jim's Place were really dripping with the sauce, but the fish/scallops themselves were a bit tough. Nevertheless, both dishes were still good, and they do give you quite the large portions. Not only are the entree portions large, each entree comes with a choice of two sides. I got the Greek salad, which was a bit above average. It's so hard to find a good Greek place in Memphis; there is really not much competition for a good Greek salad. My second side was the eggplant parmesan casserole. This was a bit unusual. I generally don't like my vegetables drenched in red sauce but they managed to make it work.

My mom got the salmon and it was good. Nothing to jump out in traffic for though. I thought it was a tad overcooked. My dad got the gumbo and it too was ok. I've definitely had better in Memphis though. Looking back over my past experiences at Jim's Place (including this one), I'm generally disappointed with their ability to cook fish. However, I've had their steaks before and they were usually pretty good. So, as a general recommendation, I think I would go with the steaks there in the future.

So, the entrees and appetizers were pretty average. However, for some unknown reason, the four of us decided to split three desserts. Bad for the waistline, but good for the taste buds because these desserts were really, really good. We got a slice of key lime pie, a slice of midnight layer cake, and the special dessert for the night, strawberry cake. No doubt, this was the best part of the night. I think that midnight layer cake was one of the better chocolate cakes I've ever had. It was pretty standard in appearance, with about three layers of cake with icing in between and on the top and bottom. But it had a great balance between cake and icing. The cake was moist and the icing was delicious. It also had mini chocolate chips in the icing, so another bonus. The key lime was very good as well. I thought the strawberry cake came in third but it was still pretty good. We managed to destroy all 3 desserts since they were so good, even after eating our entrees and sides.

Apart from the food, the service was good. The atmosphere is a bit strange though. The restaurant is so large and so old. Coupled with the fact that no one was there, it made for an intimate dining experience. It definitely appeals to the older age group. For that reason, I definitely am looking forward to their new location and hoping for a bit more updated look and feel and menu selections. But as far as fine dining Greek restaurants go, Jim's Place is a slightly above average choice that gives healthy size portions without executing those choices in an exception manner. Moreover, their menu and atmosphere clearly needs updating, and I was a bit disappointed with their fish execution. For that reason, I'm a bit ambivalent to the experience overall, with clear positives and negatives. In light of all these factors, we give Jim's Place East 2.5 stars.

Buckley's Lunchbox

Buckley's on poplar ave. has been around for as long as I can remember. I've actually never been there, but I have been to Buckley's Lunchbox. Though they are in two different locations (quite close to each other though), they are the basically same restaurant: Buckley's Lunchbox is only open for lunch and regular Buckley's is only open for dinner.

Buckley's Lunchbox is quite the popular work lunch spot, probably because of its location, right off of Poplar. It's usually a good idea to get there a little before or after the noon lunch craze since it always crowded. Along those lines, I went there on a work lunch recently. I've been numerous times, and it's always good, and I always look forward to going. Buckley's is known for good but relatively inexpensive steaks and burgers, and they really don't disappoint. The Lunchbox's menu has a selection of sandwiches and salads, along with steak, chicken, fish entrees. It's not the lightest of fare, but everything is very tasty. But hey, ever once in a while you must give in to that burger attack.

I usually get the black & bleu burger salad. Basically, it's a salad with a burger on top. It sounds somewhat strange, but I really enjoy it. I usually don't like to get salads at restaurants. You think you are getting something healthy but in reality not because the salads are usually drenched in dressing and other crappy cheeses, etc, etc. I appreciate the burger salad though, because it's basically a way to eat a burger without the bun . They also do a good job of not drowning your salad in cheese. But the key is the burger. It really is seasoned very well and it's very, very tasty. Combined with the blue cheese and balanced by the lettuce and tomatoes, and you've got a winner. Though I've never gotten it, I bet the regular burger is very good as well as the steak.

Everything at the Lunchbox is between $9 and $11. So, it's not dirt cheap, but it's very reasonable and well worth it considering the taste. It is also a great way to get your Buckley fix at a cheaper price than the dinner only Buckley's. With respect to other factors, I don't really pay attention to the atmosphere that much at lunch places. Given the businessy clientele, the Lunchbox definitely has a business, efficient feel. The service is good, and they are always pretty fast, so you can get in and out and back to work pretty fast. Overall, it's a pretty good experience: very good food at a very reasonable price. For that reason, we give Buckley's Lunchbox 3.5 stars.

Sekisui Midtown

Sekisui Midtown
25 S Belvedere Blvd
Memphis, TN 38104-3705
(901) 725-0005

Click Here for Google Map

Neel had her birthday at the beginning of July, but her friends wanted to have an official dinner celebration with a bunch of our friends. Neel as the birthday girl, of course wanted sushi, her #1 food option. She also to go hang out downtown post-dinner. For that reason, we first tried Blue Fin, but they were booked and couldn't take reservations for 10 people. So, we settled on Sekisui's Midtown location.

When we got there, it was pretty packed. It's not a very big restaurant. In fact, we had to wait before sitting even though we had reservations. Overall, it was a fun pretty time. Everyone enjoyed their sushi, and they did a good job of handling a rather loud crew of 10+ people. Compared to the other Sekisui restaurants, the midtown one has that classic midtown feel. I probably prefer it and Pacific Rim to all the other locations, in terms of ambiance, etc. The midtown location would be a good date place if your date likes sushi. Though we took a big group, reservations are key. In fact, the other sekisui restaurants could probably handle big groups better.

Ok, back to the food. Neel and I of course split some sushi. Here's the lineup. We got the tornado: a fried roll with salmon, cream cheese, and sweet soy sauce. Normally, I don't like the fried rolls that much, especially when the rolls are really big. But the tornado was pretty small and complimented the other non-fried rolls well. Next up, the Memphis: crab, tuna, salmon with whitefish on top. This was a raw fish roll and is very fresh and light. A good, fresh choice that balances out the fried roll well. It is a tad bland though. Our third roll was the Jacksonville. This one is crunchy crawfish with seared tuna on top. This was probably my favorite. It's always tasty yet pretty light. The final roll was the staple, Philly: salmon with cream cheese. A classic combo if you like cream cheese.

All the rolls were good. It is pretty hard to make sushi we don't like though. I've always thought the real separator for sushi places is the price to freshness/taste ratio. Sushi is generally pretty expensive, so if you can find a bargain, that's the way to go. I put Sekisui in the middle on this scale. They have some pretty pricey rolls but also some more inexpensive ones. Along those same lines, they have a pretty broad selection, compared to some other Memphis sushi places. So that lets you mix and match rolls depending on your budget and tastes. Thus, Sekisui might not be my first or second choice for sushi in Memphis but it's always up there and always a place I would be excited about going. For that reason, we give Sekisui Midtown 3 stars.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cafe Ole

A few weeks ago, Neel and I went to a work related dinner with a few others at Cafe Ole. Cafe Ole is a staple for Mexican food in Memphis. Everyone has been and knows about it. But we haven't reviewed it yet, and we don't want to be anti-traditional. There's something to be said for the old staples.

We chose Cafe Ole for the work dinner because of its convenient location in Cooper Young. That location allows you to go somewhere else in Cooper Young post-dinner for dessert or for a post dinner drink. Cafe Ole also has a great patio on the side of the restaurant. I actually think it's one of the best patio's in Memphis. And it seems, others agree. Of course, you always have to ask yourself can you stand the patio in the summer when it's 95 degrees at 8 p.m. But a good margarita can go a long way to counter the heat. We also chose Cafe Ole for our dinner because they can usually handle large groups quickly and you don't need reservations, also a plus. On the other hand, there's probably a reason, you don't need reservations and can sit quickly with large's because of the food!

Don't worry, I'm not going to torch them for gross food. It just is what it is: average to below average Mexican food in Memphis. Neel and I split chicken fajitas and they were nothing to write home about. Strangely, they gave us four large strips of chicken and laid them on top of the grilled onions, peppers, etc rather than cut up the chicken into smaller strips. Not sure if the cook was just being lazy or what, but I think that cutting the chicken in smaller pieces may have added more flavor. On the plus side, the white cheese dip was pretty good, the margaritas were good, it was relatively cheap, and the patio was great as always. On the down side, I thought the salsa was watery and just plain bad. Nothing else really stood out as bad but nothing stood out as that good either. So basically, Cafe Ole is a moderately cheap, average Mexican restaurant in a good location with a great patio. For that reason, we give Cafe Ole 2.5 stars. But I will say, that it is a good option for large groups who want to quench that margarita fix.


Kind of wish they had chosen a different name, but this is a wonderful place!! And, it's about time downtown Memphis gets something like this. Jon and I joined a couple of friends for Sunday Brunch at Cockadoos on South Second Street (the former residence of Cafe 61). We loved it! Delicious scones, pancakes, biscuits, bacon!! I loved my pancakes, bacon, and Jon's biscuit. However, Jon nor I were too impressed by his made-to-order omelette. Arcade's omelettes definitely beat them in that category! And, the waitress did come to our table three different times to tell us they have run out of something we just ordered and that we needed to pick something else. Memphis doesn't have many breakfast/brunch places so I am always thrilled when someone decides to venture out and add to our slim breakfast choices. The atmosphere is fun, charming, spunky, and inviting.

The hours are also a great attribute! If you'll notice on their website, they are open M-F 7am-3pm and Saturday and Sunday midnight-3pm. So, there you go downtown clubbers. Next time you have a few drinks and are craving some sweet pancakes or hearty biscuits and gravy, all you have to do is walk on down to second street and devour :) These Cockadoo people are smart. If I lived downtown, I would frequent this place for breakfast and coffee as much as I could. Go there now! So, due to a few setbacks but some great perks as well, we give Cockadoos 3 stars.

Edo Japanese Restaurant

Sushi on Summer. Frightening? Shady? Skeezy? Sleazy? Possibly. But not if you've had sushi at Edo Japanese Restaurant. Edo is a Japanese Restaurant located right next to the famous Charlie's Meat Market. I have to slip in here and mention the sign on Edo's front door - "PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR." Thank you, Summer.

Jon and I ate there with a friend a couple of weekends ago and were delightfully surprised. The atmosphere is totally different from a Sekisui atmosphere. Don't expect the sleek and che che surroundings of Sekisui. Supposedly, Edo is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Memphis, which you can gather from the outdated decor. However, I grew very fond of Edo's appearance. Right when you walk in, you get the sense that you are in a very traditional, authentic Japanese restaurant. Here's a glimpse....
It's very simple, traditional, and somewhat homey. The tall booths help to make it easy and pleasant for conversation. Which makes me want to say that it would be a good date place. Not a first date - maybe a 2nd or 3rd. And, of course, only if your date likes sushi, Japanese food, and is daring enough to like authentic/non-chainy cuisine. Edo is suppose to have great Japanese dishes; however, we were craving some "sushi on summer" :) We ordered the Banzai (salmon, crab, cucumber, radish sprouts, spicy mayo), Rainbow (crab, avocado, mayo, tuna, salmon, white fish on top), Spicy Tekka (spicy tuna), Philly (classic salmon and cream cheese), and the signature Edo Roll (BBQ Catfish). We ate every bite! It was light, fresh, simple, and VERY tasty. Jon and I both agree that this is our new go-to sushi. Not only because of the deliciousness, but also because it's the best deal we have found on sushi in Memphis! For three people, we ordered the tempura vegetables as an appetizer (don't recommend - nothing special), 5 sushi rolls, water, no alcohol and our total bill was around $30!! That's hard to beat. Jon and I still love the other sushi places in Memphis; however, due to the lower prices and freshness we're able to make Edo our regular sushi go-to. One downfall is that there's not a very big/diverse sushi selection because they do not have a sushi bar. But, I'm OK with finding what we like and dropping in everytime we crave it. Also, the alcohol selection is very slim. We never found a wine menu and they offer about 5 different kinds of beer. Never saw Sake on the menu either. I want to go back and try some of the Japanese entrees. You must give this place a try!! We give Edo 3.5 stars.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Venice Pizza Company

Last night, I enjoyed some pizza and wine with great company! I decided to ask all the girlfriends/wives of my husband's good guy friends to grab dinner together at Old Venice Pizza Company on Perkins Ext. Between the fun company and yummy food, it was a wonderful time. (Bare with me as I turn into cheesy Neel for a second.) Last night is why I love to get people together!! As it says at the top of our blog, "We think that nothing brings people together like good food and good atmosphere." Thanks girls for a fun evening. Ok, I'm done with the cheese :)

I've been to Old Venice, but it was probably 3 years ago and I wasn't very impressed. However, after hearing people rave about their pizza I decided to give it another chance. After last night, I found out I just got the wrong thing when I first went. Last night's meal was very delightful. As an appetizer, all the girls split the fried calamari and crawfish rolls. They were both tasty. I recommend both when you go. I also ordered a glass of Chardonnay. Their wine menu is a big plus! You can get most of them by the glass or bottle and at VERY reasonable prices!! Check it out on their website. I loved my Chardonnay! For my entree, I ordered the individual Margherita Pizza. This is another big plus - you can order any of the pizzas with thin crust or hand tossed and you can order the individual size or regular size. Of course, I ordered the thin crust (I despise thick crust pizza.) and the individual size since we were all getting our own things. I really liked it! It was very tasty with spices you don't normally find on a Margherita Pizza. The cheese was oozing. The crust was thin, but not as thin and crispy as Memphis Pizza Cafe's crust. I definitely think MPC has them beat on the crust. The size was bigger than I would expect for an individual sized pizza. I could only eat half and brought the rest home for Jon. Now, let's not forget that Old Venice is a chain with locations in Oxford, Tupelo, and Starkville. Though you can kind of tell it's a chain through the food's taste and appearance, it's still delicious and I'll be going back.

In addition to the pluses I've already mentioned, Old Venice is a great medium-priced restaurant in Memphis. These are hard to find! I feel like Memphis has a lot of great Ma and Pa cheap but great eats and then we have a lot of expensive but great eats. There's not a whole lot of middle ground. Old Venice is a great place to go with friends for that very reason. Old Venice is one of the few Memphis restaurants that stands in that middle price range.

To comment on the service and atmosphere. The service was great! Our waitress was very attentive, but not annoying. We received our food pretty fast, but not too fast. The atmosphere is where they could probably use some updating. The fake window scenes on the wall kind of make me cringe and are the only thing that prevents me from saying this is a great first date place - definitely give you that cheesy, chainy feel.

I think a more sophisticated and simpler look would really spice it up a bit. But, overall the atmosphere was very pleasant.

Another plus, yes another, is that I hear this place has great specials on drinks and apps! I want to say they have the deal on Wednesday nights?? Not sure. If anyone knows, please feel free to post.
I give Old Venice 3 stars.