Friday, July 23, 2010

Edo Japanese Restaurant

Sushi on Summer. Frightening? Shady? Skeezy? Sleazy? Possibly. But not if you've had sushi at Edo Japanese Restaurant. Edo is a Japanese Restaurant located right next to the famous Charlie's Meat Market. I have to slip in here and mention the sign on Edo's front door - "PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR." Thank you, Summer.

Jon and I ate there with a friend a couple of weekends ago and were delightfully surprised. The atmosphere is totally different from a Sekisui atmosphere. Don't expect the sleek and che che surroundings of Sekisui. Supposedly, Edo is the oldest Japanese restaurant in Memphis, which you can gather from the outdated decor. However, I grew very fond of Edo's appearance. Right when you walk in, you get the sense that you are in a very traditional, authentic Japanese restaurant. Here's a glimpse....
It's very simple, traditional, and somewhat homey. The tall booths help to make it easy and pleasant for conversation. Which makes me want to say that it would be a good date place. Not a first date - maybe a 2nd or 3rd. And, of course, only if your date likes sushi, Japanese food, and is daring enough to like authentic/non-chainy cuisine. Edo is suppose to have great Japanese dishes; however, we were craving some "sushi on summer" :) We ordered the Banzai (salmon, crab, cucumber, radish sprouts, spicy mayo), Rainbow (crab, avocado, mayo, tuna, salmon, white fish on top), Spicy Tekka (spicy tuna), Philly (classic salmon and cream cheese), and the signature Edo Roll (BBQ Catfish). We ate every bite! It was light, fresh, simple, and VERY tasty. Jon and I both agree that this is our new go-to sushi. Not only because of the deliciousness, but also because it's the best deal we have found on sushi in Memphis! For three people, we ordered the tempura vegetables as an appetizer (don't recommend - nothing special), 5 sushi rolls, water, no alcohol and our total bill was around $30!! That's hard to beat. Jon and I still love the other sushi places in Memphis; however, due to the lower prices and freshness we're able to make Edo our regular sushi go-to. One downfall is that there's not a very big/diverse sushi selection because they do not have a sushi bar. But, I'm OK with finding what we like and dropping in everytime we crave it. Also, the alcohol selection is very slim. We never found a wine menu and they offer about 5 different kinds of beer. Never saw Sake on the menu either. I want to go back and try some of the Japanese entrees. You must give this place a try!! We give Edo 3.5 stars.

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